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RxDocument Manager

Petroleum Rx, with the help of Sound Ideas, has designed an electronic document management system which employs an easy to use software to store, retrieve, and manage scanned images and electronic documents. We call this tool RxDocument Manager. RxDocument Manager is different from other document management systems because it integrates directly with PRX software.

Special programs have been created in PRX designed to streamline the search and view functionality and also to quickly verify scanned information. RxDocument Manager offers flexible indexing for scanned images which can be linked directly to customer or vendor accounts. All files are stored locally on the server so retrieving documents can be done without leaving your desk. Integrating scanned documents into RxDocument Manager can reduce the amount of storage space required by paper copies; it’s less time consuming to file and fetch documents, plus it improves internal operations.

RxDocument Manager is an easy to use, Windows based scanning and electronic filing tool.

Features Include:

  • Tight integration with PRX software making it easy to retrieve and view documents
  • Remote office document transfers/management
  • Reduces paper organization, printing and filing
  • Quickly view and display several system documents at once
  • Scan several batches and rapidly route or file to designated location
  • Zoned OCR for data and document recognition
  • Works with standard office scanners
  • Unique notification system to alert users of new documents
  • Standalone PDF viewer—doesn’t require Adobe Reader or any other PDF viewer program
  • Data stays on your server
  • PRX validates scanned data


User Level Security

User Level Security

Login Panel

File Encryption Available


Files Stored on Local Server

Additional Disk Space Can Be Added

Backup and Off-site Vaulting Available

No Impact on Your Current Infrastructure


Multiple Document Support

Flexible Pricing Options

No More Paper to Store

Customizable Templates

Template Modification and Verification Sample

This video illustrates how to create a template and use it to file and verify a scanned document.

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