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RxRover is our new delivery ticket application for drivers.  Petroleum Rx is extending the PRX system by implementing this new mobile web application that can be accessed via the browser of any mobile device. This unique paperless application will improve your delivery processes and reduce the amount of time spent doing data entry.

RxRover Features

Proof of Delivery

Capture signatures at the time of delivery

Runs Offline

The application is designed to run offline in the event driver loses connectivity during deliveries. Data entries will still be recorded.

Scalable To Your Needs

Have one or hundreds of drivers. The app can grow with you.

Easy Import

Data can be easily imported and confirmed on the PRX side.

Receipts to Stock and BOL's

Application supports Receipt to Stock and BOL entries eliminating data entry.

Easy To Use

User friendly with big colored buttons to make easy for users.

Can be used with any mobile device

RxRover delivery process consist of these easy steps:


1 - Orders are automatically synced at the time of login.


2 - Enter initial settings such as product quantities and bill of lading information if applicable.


3 - Driver is now ready to start making deliveries. This process consists of entering quantities delivered and obtaining signature capture.

Send Data

4 - Once your route is complete you have the option to make drops or finish your day by syncing data back.

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