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PRX Software

Elevate core business processes—from purchasing to delivery, inventory, sales, customer service, and financial management within one fully integrated accounting solution.

Today’s petroleum industry is under increasing pressure to reduce clerical and administrative costs; meet tighter government tax compliance and mandates while continuing intense focus on improved customer satisfaction. The PRX  system is built to withstand audits, to resist fraud, and to retain documents as evidence, all in addition to bringing power and flexibility.

Petroleum Rx is dedicated to offering a complete accounting backend software solution for jobbers. Our software is fully integrated in order to maximize your office efficiency. PRX offers various modules such Inventory Management,  Purchase Order Management,  Order Entry,  Invoicing,  Tax Reporting,  Sales Analysis,  General Ledger,  Accounts Receivable,  Accounts Payable,  Cash Disbursements, Cardlock Management, and much more. It is scalable from less than 5 million gallons a year, to our largest over 30 million gallons a month.

The PRX Software is designed to handle difficult tasks in the background which allows users to focus on the important stuff.

PRX Software Features

Finance and Accounting

PRX offers a powerful set of modules for financial and accounting needs. Manage accounting processes such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and sales order processing. PRX accounting and finance modules give you the insight to make important decisions.

General Ledger is the ``backbone`` of the system. PRX system is fully integrated so that every transaction flows back to the GL.

Accounts Payable - PRX implements strict processes to eliminate duplicate entries and simplify bill pay.

Accounts Receivable - Proper management of AR tasks such as invoicing, credit terms, and billing.

Stay in Control - PRX provides a wide option of financial reporting tools so you can get a complete picture of business health.

Accuracy - Effectively track every gallon and every dollar.


At Petroleum Rx, we understand that inventory management is the heart of your business. Our system is designed to help you view and understand the different aspects of the inventory management process. PRX allows you to properly track inventory, transfer products from one location to another, and split loads all while recording the proper AP and GL entries.

Based on FIFO (First-in, First-out)

Several reports available to track inventory items

Helps you stay atop of your inventory to enable efficient order fulfillment

Properly tracks every gallon and cost

Visibility into inventory and processes, allowing better forecast for demand, improve inventory turns or fill rates which also helps reduce excess inventory

Tax Reporting

Tax information is stored and followed throughout the system. PRX provides you with the necessary tools to obtain the information you need to file your taxes.

Multiple Reports and Data Exports Are Available

PRX can handle different exemptions

System is designed to withstand audits

Petroleum Rx offers tax and consulting services

Pricing Options

Eliminate having to track and calculate pricing outside of the system. PRX does it all for you and offers numerous pricing schemes.

Special Pricing

Rack Pricing

Imports for DTN, Vendor, or Manual Pricing

Supports Multiple Price Tiers


PRX can integrate with all major and proprietary card fueling solutions. Our goal is to streamline your daily processing, get the functionality you need, and bring all transactions under one roof.

PRX allows you to import transactions and allows you to review and edit to omit erros before posting.

PRX tracks activity to make billing and credit management easy.

All transactions are consolidated into one invoice which can be emailed, faxed, or mailed.

All cardlock activity can viewed via ViewFuel, which is an online interface for your customers.

PRX pricing components can also be used for cardlock along with other discount options.

Reporting and Analytics

They PRX system contains a robust library of reports and analytic utilities to give you a good handle on what's going on with your business.

PRX contains many quick ranking utilities that can be used to quickly see how customers or products are performing.

Internal reports can be used for calculating sales commissions, finding inactive customers, analyzing sales, tax reporting, and much more.

Evualate different areas to uncover trends, issues, profits, and so forth.

Customer reports can be provided in either PDF or Excel format for things like, managing fleet fueling data, activity by card or vehicle, miles per gallon, and much more.

Key Benefits

Our system offers tools for:

Bio-fuels, C-Stores, Wet-Hose Facilities, Repackaging, Custom Lubes Products, Transportation Offices, Home and Heating Businesses, Analytic Tools, Propane Delivery, and Buyback Programs.


Platform – Unix/Linux based, to provide excellent uptime, high user count, high transaction flow, and fast remote access, all without an internal IT staff.

Complete Cardlock System – PRX offers Multi-Network cardlock support. Can run major networks, like PacPride, CFN, Voyager, and NBS combined into one invoice.

E-Business Solutions – We provide integration with DTN, Tank Monitoring Systems, Banks, customers and vendors, and other software packages.


PRX software works great locally and remotely. For businesses that prefer to have a server on-site, we have great options available.


We offer cloud-based solutions with flexible pricing plans. For businesses that don't want to deal with the cost or expertise of maintaining a server, this is the option for you.


Security is an important part of your business. The PRX system allows various security levels and options. You can password protect modules or customize menu access by user levels.

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