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A Customer Portal Designed With The Petroleum Marketer In Mind

ViewFuel is our proprietary web interface that maps to the accounting systems of our clients. This extends the PRX and other accounting software packages by providing both Petroleum Marketers and their clientele with an elite online experience.

ViewFuel provides the fuel or lubricant buyer with a web resource to complement those marketer’s customer service assets, providing 24/7 access to sales and A/R data, copies of invoices and other documents, tools for cardlock management, user-controlled reports, and other data-mining tools.

ViewFuel brings some of the best features of your system to the web. Different utilities and options are available for viewing account activity information, paying transactions, placing online orders, running reports, and exporting data such as sales or cardlock activity. Users have access to various documents with options to download or print.

ViewFuel Highlights

For years, ViewFuel has been widely used by customers to access their account information online.


ViewFuel is constantly evolving. Here are just some of the features currently available.

Personal Branding

Color scheme can be easily modified to match your logo or company colors.

Feature Management

Features can be enable/disabled to meet company or customer requirements.


Enhanced user and feature level security available.

Message Administration

Customize emails and other messages to suite your needs.

Document Downloads

View invoices, statements, quotes, and many other documents available.

Discover Possibilities

ViewFuel is designed to work with any system that provides database connectivity.

Online Payments

Different payment options available such as credit card, e-check, and ACH.


Requires minimal setup. No software installation required.

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