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Octane is Here

Over the past several months our team has been hard at work building Octane ERP Version 1, our goal is to provide users with a better application experience and great new features.  Today, Octane V1 has been officially launched.

​Octane is the web-based version of the current PRX system. The first release is comprised of various inquiry applications such as General Ledger View, Sales, Cardlock, Customer, and Vendor. The Octane application will at some point replace tasks and procedures that the PRX system presently handles.

This month we will have two releases. The first is set for July 9, 2018, and the second will be on July 30, 2018. Our plan is to have scheduled releases every three weeks until we have a complete system.

We will be offering webinars and sending out emails to notify users about new features and product updates. We’re excited to collaborate with our early adopters so we can make this a great product for everyone.