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Accounting and Technical Support for Petroleum Marketers

Petroleum RX has been serving the technical needs of petroleum jobbers in the U.S since 2004. We not only specialize in the development and maintenance of a complete and integrated accounting software package for petroleum marketers but also offer a vast assortment of technical solutions to meet business needs.

Petroleum Rx offers years of experience in many areas of the industry. We strive to  provide a proven core of great products and services that match the challenging and particular demands of the Petroleum Marketing industry. Through its own shop in Arizona and through key partners, Petroleum Rx can offer specialized software, web application development, servers and other electronic essentials, network and communication solutions,  plus unmatched industry-informed integration skills.

For jobbers looking to buy an accounting package, the PRX product is a great solution. The PRX system has a very large array of tools and modules such as:

Electronic Invoicing

Complete Cardlock System

Inventory Management

Order Entry

Tax Reporting

Accounts Payable

Cash Disbursement

Fuel Supplier

General Ledger

And Much More!

We’re More Than Just a Software Company

Customer service is, and always will be our top priority. With today’s rapid advancements in technology it is important that our customers succeed in this highly volatile environment. Our customers are typically family-owned operations with low-tech roots that must compete in a high volume, low-margin settings where technical assets have become essential. We have developed a staff of skilled professionals able to assist with the various and challenging aspects of the petroleum industry. Our staff can provide on-site training, enrichment webinars, remote customer service, business analysis, and business continuance and planning.

We provide integration with many business partners including: DTN, AXXIS, GreenTraks, PowerSource, tank monitoring systems, dispatch tools, CRM packages, banks, customers, vendors, and other software packages.


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