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Welcome to our downloads page. If you don’t find the item you’re looking for please contact Petroleum Rx, LLC.

Item Download
Tech Support Client – Allows PC Tech support from a remote connection Download
PRX PC InstallerInstalls all of the programs required on a PC for PDS (Putty, DL4Term, Datapipe, Dataview, PRX_IPmon). Will not conflict with existing setups (DejaWin). Download
DataViewPDF View feature. Does not depend on Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download
DataPipe V3DataPipe (Recommended with Adobe Acrobat V9) Download
DataPipe V2Print documents from Unix to your pc. (Older SCO RX systems) Download
PRX_IPmonPatch for DataView, DocMGR changing IP’s (DHCP, VPN) Download
Windows 8 Start Menu (Free) – For Windows 8 users that prefer a start menu (Classic Shell). Download
SMTP2GO New Email relay system Doc – Now it become possible to review bounced Emails and trace. Please see Doc for details. Call us to enroll. Download
Admin Notes – Helpful documentations for Network administrators. Download
VPN_PPTP_SETUP – How to configure modern Windows for PPTPVPN. Helps you to access your office devices, programs remotely.   Download
Create New Users in PDS – Describes user permissions and how to add/delete/modify users for PDS. Download
Document ManagerScans and imports/archives documents into PDS. Download
DocMGR_V103Only for DocMGR103 revisions until they update to 106 above Download
ODBCDL4Connects Windows PC’s with PDS databases. Download
ODBCDL4 DocumentationConnects Windows PC’s with databases. Download
 Mysql Connector ODBC – Connects Windows PC’s with databases. Download
Mail MergeThis document describes how to create labels from PDS. Download
PDS on Android – Setup documentation Download
PDS on iPad/iPhone – Setup documentation Download
Samba on iPad – Setup documentation (Call us for additional details) Download
Esker VSI Client – LanFax is used to send faxes from PC. Over VSIFAX Download
Graphit!Graphing utility for PDS history screens.1  Download
Cancel Print Jobs in PDS – (PDS-RED CUPS on Blue systems might apply) Describes how to cancel print jobs or manage printers. Download
OKIDATA MCL Print Settings – Description to print OKIDATA settings page. Download
OKIDATA Troubleshooting – Description for OKI320 printer adjustments. Download
Putty – A free terminal emulator (similar to James River and Ice TCP) Download
Putty Setup Documentation – Instruction for PDS Putty setup. Download
DL4Term – A free terminal emulator (similar to James River and Ice TCP) from DCI. Download
 Totalcmd – You can browse file systems, FTP, SCP, compress, uncompress, edit and organize. Related to Norton Commander in DOS.  Download
TeamViewer – When you initiate the connection, we can see your screen and work with you to resolve issues Download
Graphical Ping Tracer – Delivers visual graphs of performance to pinpoint problems and see ranges of responses and trends. Will trace continuously with any interval and can alert via e-mail if desired. Can display data over a period of time for trending information. Show your ISP where their problems are – so they can fix it! Useful for everyone from the home trouble-shooter to the full-time network administrator that needs more information (presented in an easy to read way) about their network (be it a dial-up connection, LAN/WAN, or fat internet pipe). Download
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 – For PCs that has issues with newer versions. The latest version can be downloaded from Download
PDF File Association Fix – Fixes Fldpipe Acrobat9 issues on W7. (If registry is corrupted.) Download
 Linux Backup Strategies – Documentation Download
Mbam – is a tool that is recommended for average users to clean E-mail based viruses (malware). It is recommended to use after Combofix (safe mode) and it could be used with other Anti-Virus tools (Kavspersky, Norton, AVG, MacAfee) or as a primary tool. Regularly updated but you can find the latest version and documentation (If your PC has been affected. Please call us for proper cleanup) Download