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Cap and Trade Options

Our clients have reacted to the California Cap and Trade fees in various ways. Here is a recap of what has been developed: Bury it and leave it hidden in price. Bury it, but present it on the invoice like a tax, perhaps only for specific accounts. Add...

Guide to Emailed Reports

Summary Sales Analysis Purpose:  To present the latest sales data, usually MTD compared to past, itemized by Warehouses, Profit Centers, Salesmen, PCATs, and SIC Codes. Trigger:  Overnight Setup: to define, to launch.  On menu at 3, 30, 21, 5. Options: ! Summary Sales Analysis - code guide !  note...

Journal Export

Journal Export A new feature has been added that allows the user to export an unposted Invoice Register into Excel for viewing purposes. This allows the user to get a quick breakdown of all invoices for a specific register, as well as quickly view the cost,...