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Mailbag – explaining the concept

The new product Mailbag was unveiled at our 2015 Seminar this month.  We’ll push out more about it later, but let me try here to explain the concept.  Mailbag is our name for a new printer option, where we now have fax, email, file, printer and so forth.  Mailbag is intended first for Invoices, and later for more stuff, and the effect is “have someone else print and mail this”.  The “someone else” here is DFS, a mailing processor based in Sacramento that many of you already use for getting cardlock and statement runs out as mass batches done once or twice a month.

With Mailbag, we’re not batching.  Instead, each item sent to Mailbag causes the PRX system to make a .pdf image that is then transferred to a server at DFS, along with a descriptor file to guide DFS through the mailing — name and address and such, and along with supporting documents like signed delivery tickets or scanned meter tickets.  Mailbag jobs accumulate at DFS throughout the day, potentially from all PRX clients.  Once or twice a day, DFS will sweep up all these requests, print and stuff them, and sort them into existing outbound mailings to achieve the scale needed to get cheap postage rates.  The result: lots of one-off print, stuff and mail events across all PRX users can be replaced by a consolidated process using efficient printers, low cost paper and envelopes, and low postage rates, and then mailed out of Sacramento, which is the leading mail distribution center in the Western US.  End result: less labor, lower mailing costs, better print quality, and better delivery speed.

There is a second part to this, once you have a relationship established with DFS.  That is to create low-cost, no-labor marketing mailings.  The enclosure document would be on file at DFS, while the targeted customer list would be created in PRX and sent to DFS.  So while a mailing campaign is targeted using filters in PRX, the execution is outsourced, resulting, again, in low labor, low costs, excellent print quality, and optimum delivery speed.

Here’s a link to DFS:  For more info, you can also contact Mark Vagnozzi at (602) 550-5236.