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Octane is Here

Over the past several months our team has been hard at work building Octane ERP Version 1, our goal is to provide users with a better application experience and great new features.  Today, Octane V1 has been officially launched. ​Octane is the web-based version of the...

Amazon Cloud Server

For customers interested in upgrading to a new server, we now have a new Amazon cloud option available. With Amazon cloud you now have the opportunity to host and run your system in the most secure and reliable infrastructure on the planet. Amazon Cloud offers...

Fax on Demand

Having a designated phone line for faxing, a working modem, adequate cables, and a solid network connection has become a cumbersome situation for some customers to maintain. Esker, the maker of VSIFax has a cloud based option called Fax on Demand, which provides a fax...