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Budget Volume Analysis

We have added a new variation of the Income Statement we call the Budget Volume Analysis, but has also been called an Operational Income Statement.  To use it, one must maintain a budget, in dollars, and in a addition, a new entity called Budget Volume.  Budget Volume is maintained on the Stats screen in 103 FINANCIAL STATEMENT SETUP.  The Stats screen fields entries, by sector, by month, e.g. Division 1 for Dec 2015.  There are three volumes there.  The first is not editable, and comes from the Sales Journal.  The second is a manual override, used when the volume from the Sales Journal is not what should be used in ratio calculations on the Income Statement.  The third is Budget Volume, which can be described as the projected volume on which the dollar budget was based.

What the Budget Volume Analysis does is to combine:

  1. What actually posted – MTD, that month last year, YTD, prior year.
  2. What the budget was, and thus the variance.
  3. How the variation between budget and actual volume would impact the budget.
  4. The cents per gallons seen, actual, budgeted, and adjusted budget.

This is a very wide report, at 225 columns.  We have modified View to change fonts on such a wide report, so that works, if upgraded.  We also suggest you have a laser printer loaded in one tray with legal paper.  With that in place, we can define a printer that prints in landscape on legal, a combination that goes out to about 240 columns while remaining legible.