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Journal History display redone

We’ve recently made major improvements to a feature at 1, 10, 111, 9 called Journal History.  This provides a one-line display of every journal posted, showing:

  1. Journal type:  CR
  2. Reference number: 3960
  3. Post Date: 07-31-16
  4. System Date: 160802 08:27:01 bills
  5. Description: PDS6505
  6. Total Debits:  8,456.71

One is able to apply filters to items 1-4, as follows:

  1. Isolate on one type of journal, such as CR for Cash Receipts
  2. Isolate on one reference number
  3. List journals starting with a specific batch date
  4. List journals starting with a specific system date

The impetus for making some improvements: someone needed to see which Cash Receipts batches had been posted on the day they were trying to close the month.  Isolating on CR, via option #1, then on that system date via option #4, produced the result needed.