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Sub-Types on Cash Receipts Credit Card Imports

Credit Card imports to Cash Receipts has always works off a Type, or source, such as Sinclair, Wells Fargo, Shell, Conoco, and so forth.  Those who import from DTN make a type for DTN.  Later, when importing into Cash Receipts, one can import just for a specific type.

The problem arose from using DTN, which normalizes many sources into one common format.  If one uses DTN to import, for example, Chevron and Conoco, there was no way to import just the Chevron into Cash Receipts.  What we’ve done to adapt is to modify Credit Card Types Maintenance to allow the entry of sub-Types that can be spotted by unique verbiage in the DTN header line.  For example, Chevron typically comes over with “CHE9-CCM”, while Conoco has “PHL9-CCM”.  Then, in Cash Receipts where we ask for a filter by type, if that type has sub-types, we ask if we are to filter on a sub-type.