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Amazon Cloud Server

For customers interested in upgrading to a new server, we now have a new Amazon cloud option available. With Amazon cloud you now have the opportunity to host and run your system in the most secure and reliable infrastructure on the planet. Amazon Cloud offers a wide range of server instances which can be configured to easily handle your system load; these also include advanced monitoring tools and automatic backups. Cloud servers are secure and may be accessed anytime, anywhere by any authorized user.

Why move to the cloud?

From an accounting standpoint, you eliminate the capital expense incurred with a new server and deployment, along with the required operating system. Instead, you transition into an operational expense that you can plan and budget for. If your company grows, your server can easily be configured and expand to meet business requirements. With just a few clicks and minimal downtime we can easily increase storage, memory, and speed.

From a technology standpoint, you no longer need to worry about power outages, hardware failures, offsite backup, and expensive maintenance fees. You get rid of hardware and software obsolescence by maintaining the latest versions of the programs and features you need. With Amazon hosted servers we make sure your system is backed up. No more worrying about whether or not the tape worked, or if someone checked the backups.

From a business standpoint, you avoid costly downtime and the need to maintain application and hardware updates across systems. You gain the ability to work and access from anywhere and save money on deployment.

Pricing is based on system requirements, software, and support licensing costs and is reflective of the current number of users. For a price quote or more information, please contact Patti (