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Product Maintenance Rank option

Like Customers, Products are ranked each night.  For some time, Customer Maintenance had an option to step though accounts, using “N” for next, in the order of one of 7 rankings.  We’ve just added a similar option for Products.  Products are ranked in four ways:

  1. Total Sales (dollars)
  2. Gross Profit
  3. Inventory Value
  4. Customer Count

At the first prompt, for Add, Modify, Delete or Inquire, one can type ‘RANK’ to enter rank-step mode.  One selects which ranking to step on, and one moves to the top-ranked Product’s main screen, in Inquire Mode.  From there, one can enter ‘N’ to advance to the main screen of the next-ranked Product.  Or, one can jump to the History screen, and then advance through the sales history screens of product after product, in order by rank.