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A/R Change in Cash Requirements List

The Cash Requirements List out of C/D has an option to include expected Accounts Receivables in the summary by day that appears at the end of the report.  We’ve made two changes:

  1. There is now a running total A/R column, just as there was always a running balance for A/P.  This makes it easier to match up A/P to A/R at each line.
  2. A control file flag can be set to discard A/R that’s too old to count.  Previously, we’d predict that all the delinquent A/R would have showed up by now, much to the benefit of your cash flow needs.  This new flag, set to something like 60 or 90, should make this predictive tool more realistic.

We didn’t do it, but would consider another flag to discard A/P that’s on hold.  We’ll wait until someone using this tool asks for that — it would have to be a system where such items are probably never going to be paid, or are somehow offset by A/R that we’re also discarding.