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Changes to A/P Open Invoice List

We’ve made three changes to the A/P Open Invoice List:

First, we’ve changed the style of the setup.  The old method was typical of how reports in PDS were all once written, where we ask one question, then another, then another, and so on until we finally know what to print.  We’ve been moving away from that style.  Over time, as users asked for more and more options, including some that were rarely taken, actually launching the report required navigating an ever longer path.  Our newer style is to display all the options with their current settings, then asking the user to Edit or Accept those.

Second, we’ve changed the prompts concerned with the Due Date.  The old prompt would ask for an ending Due Date cutoff, then a second prompt would ask if we are to isolate on just that date alone.  We’ve changed this to asking for a starting and ending Due Date cutoff, if not First to Last.  It’s similar, but now we have more control, such as allowing a two-day range, or keeping off due dates that are so old they should remain off the report.

Third, we added support for Vendor Tags, which are a new thing.

The thrust of all these changes is to allow the user to build a list of invoices for import into Cash Disbursements, via the AUTO option, that can be tuned with more precisely than before.