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Statement addendum to C/L Invoice

We have added another Cardlock Invoice totals type called Statement – Open A/R.  It was written for a client with a lot of accounts with minimal open A/R.  Sending Statements to these accounts seemed wasteful, as they would often contain little else but the latest cardlock invoice.  By including a list of open A/R on the bottom of the cardlock invoice, this client was able to turn off Statements for many of their accounts.

We have changed the way totals print, creating two groups.  Group one prints above the grand total of the invoice.  Group two prints after.  This ‘statement’ section prints in group two and is presently the only one that does.  The sequence:

  1. Detail of transactions
  2. Most totals
  3. Grand total of the invoice
  4. Statement section, which includes the unposted invoice being printed now
  5. Total of Unpaid A/R, including the current invoice

Note the when the ‘real’ Statements are run, a Statement is created for all accounts, at least in archives, but not all are sent out — that’s driven by flags.  So even if a customer does not receive a Statement, they are available for reprint and can be printed by the customer via ViewFuel. This allows one to limit the burden of printing and mailing statements while preserving the option to produce them on request.